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    A review of Charlie Weingroff, his course and the SFMA

    Purpose: To provide a very selective review of Charlie Weingroff's course and how it actually fits with a neurocentric view of pain and function. Audience: Therapists and strength coaches.  Patients who  have trouble sleeping. Related Links 1. Jeff Cubos discusses SFMA, DNS and Lorimer Moseley and they inform his practice style 2. My and Bret Contreras' minor critical analysis of the Joint by Joint Approach   Overview I took 2 days out of Charlie Weingroff's course, Training = Rehab, Rehab = Training course here in Toronto from MSK-Plus.  MSK-Plus is a  continuing education company run by Dr. Glen Harris.  Dr. Harris has brought in a lot of great educators over the years and this course was not an exception.

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