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    Fascial NeuroBiology: An explanation for possible manual therapy treatment effects

    Below is a guest post from Chris Beardsley in response to a recent post of mine that questioned the possibility of any manual intervention (this includes foam rolling) influencing the physical properties of fascia.  It is also questioned how relevant is to pain and dysfunction. Research Review: An analysis of Robert Scheip's paper on Fascial Plasticity By: Chris Beardsley more from Chris at his website: http://www.strengthandconditioningresearch.com/

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  • Fascia Science: Stretching the power of manual therapy.

    Purpose:  Fascia is everywhere, provides a fantastic structural support for the body and has the ability to transmit force from force generating muscles.  But we as therapists tend to get ahead of ourselves and make statements about treatments and the body's function that I am not sure make sense and haven't made sense for the past decade that I've questioned it. The fascial treatment fallacy.

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  • Critique of Foam Rolling Research

    Audience: Anyone interested in Foam Rolling I recently read a review of some new foam rolling research (and then read the original paper as well) that concluded that foam rolling resulted in increases in knee flexion range of motion without any decreases in other areas of muscular function that are often associated with stretching.  From quick review of the internets this is going to be quite popular.  I was a bit concerned that the conclusions were running far ahead of what the study actually proved so I thought I would provide a critique of the study.

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