If you want to stretch your hamstrings please continue to do so.

was informed of a recent post in The Huffington Post entitled "Stop stretching your hamstrings".  This style of article (where we lambast some exercise)  has been pretty popular for a number of years and I have certainly contributed my share.  This one in particular I could have written 20 years ago when I was pretty strongly against yoga and stretching. I'd go out of my way to find any research that supported my bias.

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2017Greg Lehman
Why I put strength on dysfunction

A common physical therapy axiom is to not put strength on dysfunction.  The idea behind it can certainly be viewed a number of different ways but I've always interpreted to mean that if someone has pain they just shouldn't ignore it, keep pushing and training hard and they should try to "fix" whatever the underlying cause of the pain is.

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2016Greg Lehman