Cognitive Functional Therapy Course in Toronto June 13-15 2014

I am helping drum up enrollment for this great course in Toronto June 13-15, 2014.  I am a fan of this approach and am looking forward to taking the course and hope to see a lot of people there. Register at: MSK-Plus


This 3-day clinical workshop outlines a broad classification model for the assessment and management of Chronic Low Back Pain disorders. This approach incorporates both physical as well as cognitive components and provides a multi-dimensional framework to manage patients with CLBP disorders.

A major focus will be developing clinical skills to assess and sub-classify pain disorders of the lumbo-pelvic region. This workshop draws together current knowledge as well as ongoing clinical work and research investigating the classification and management of CLBP disorders. This clinical workshop is dynamic, interactive and practical. It includes real patients, case studies, clinical reasoning and equips physiotherapists to develop skills in diagnostics as well as the design of motor learning interventions.


CLBP: ‘diagnosis and management dilemma’

Motor Control Impairment as theunderlying mechanism behind CLBP

Relevant Anatomy and Biomechanics of the

Motor Control System of the Lumbar Spine Neuromuscular Examination

Five directional-based patterns of Motor Control Impairment

What is the evidence?

Case studies



Greg Lehman